Trails View Cycle Trader Race Team Report, Rocky Trail Superflow Cooma 2023

The Rocky Trail Superflow Cooma 2023, event was the tail of 2 very different days!

Saturday saw the sun and some super fast dry trails, however, Sunday was a slightly different affair. From 3 pm on Saturday the rain clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped, with heavy consistent rain starting from 4 pm till the start of the Sunday race day.

With the majority of our team riding on Sunday our backs were against the wall before we started, luckily the ground conditions held up to not be a mud bath, instead the rain fall just lead to the trails running a good 25% slower than the previous day!

With jackets adorned and a team update from Coach Dan, the team headed up the hill to face some cold riding in 7-degree temperatures. we were fortunate that the weather did stop raining for at least a few hours, were riders fractally tried to complete as many stages as they could before the rain came again. that Dry spell didn't last long with heavy rain falling again at 11.30 am.

Not long after that the majority of the field finished for the day as the weather closed in.

All in all it was still a fun day out hitting some awesome trails.

Unfortunately, we were missing a couple of riders due to injury and illness, but we all most had a full team for the event with 8 out of 10 riders.

here are the riders feedback from the event

Jack Nelson - result 11/27 under 19's and 74/303 overall

had a good day racing in the mud, rain and freezing cold. unfortunately, didn’t have any practice on the tracks. i caught the storm at the end of the day and had a race run in the pouring rain. overall was a fun day and came away with an 11th place finish in the under 19s

Liam Allen - result 9/27 under 19's and 42/303 overall
I went alright at cooma, racing in the rain is something I’m definitely not used to which held me back a bit but i still tried my best and got a decent result.
Noah Gidney - result 16/27 under 19's and 140 /303 overall
i was really looking forward to cooma as the tracks are heaps of fun, i  enjoyed race day riding with mates but wasn't on pace at all throughout the day. looking forward to putting the new fitness program to work from MTB23 and to see improvement!
Rebecca Buhagiar - result 2/3 Female E-bike Masters and 276/303 overall
Round 3 of the fox superflow enduro was wild and wet on the weekend in Cooma. Happy with 2nd place considering how cold and wet it was. We scoped the trails on Saturday afternoon which definitely helped to learn the trails a little.
Max Baumhof - result 24/58 under 17's and 100/303 overall
  Had a bunch of fun racing Cooma, unfortunately getting the worse weather of the two days made for some difficult racing in the mud. Overall I wasn’t feeling to well and the mud just made it harder to race but I am happy with how I rode
Mathew Edwards -  result 22/44 over 40's and 148/303 overall
The trails at Cooma were super fun and surprisingly grippy considering all the rain we had to deal with, unfortunately the surface wasn't rolling that fast compared to the dry riding the day before. but i stayed on 2 weeks all day and had fun!
Oskar Lindquist- result 18/27 under 19's and 151/303 overall
Cooma was an interesting one for me. Had a pretty big crash on my first lap which really took away the pace for the rest of the day. I had some problems with my hands on Saturday which caused a lot pain on race day, making for lots of silly little crashes. Despite all this it was still a sick day. Was definitely a refreshing one and offered some different elements to the prior rounds of the superflow series. Nonetheless was great to splash around with mates, and visit some pretty cool trails. Fires down the bottom were life savers.
Cooper Raymond  - 10/15 Junior under 13
Cooma Rocky trails was a good event with me ending up in 10th in the under 13s category. Although happy with my position, I think more time on my bike and starting training with a coach again will help me improve a lot more and give me better positions.


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