NSW State Gravity Enduro Series 2023 Rnd 2 Green Valleys, Trails View Cycle Trader team Race Report

NSW State Gravity Enduro Series 2023 Rnd 2 Green Valleys

Round 2 of the NSW state gravity Enduro series 2023 was held at Green Valleys one of Australia's boutique bike parks which is located on private property in the foothills of the Macquarie Pass National Park

With 188 riders attending the event, the Trails View Cycle Team had 4 of its riders attending.

Blake Randall – E-bike Elite

Liam Allen – Under 19’s

John Saulo – Masters

Mathew Edwards – Masters



The event consisted of 4 stages lasting between 2 mins for the fast guys to 3½ minutes for the not-so-fast guys. However, all the talk prior to the start was the liaison a steep 20–30-minute hike a bike up a steep hill, that only the very elite fit riders could ride up, the rest of us mere mortals pushed our bikes up!


The race day itself was a tail of 2 weather systems, one a nice and clear day and the other consisted of a heavy downpour that left all of the riders struggling to keep it on 2 wheels due to the nature of the steep and clay-based trails (see John Saulo YouTube link).


Here is our riders feedback

Blake Randall – 3rd place in E-bike Elite and 5th overall from a field of 21 e-bikes ( Blakes race runs can be seen on youtube NSW Gravity Enduro Series - Round 2 Race Runs - YouTube )

“Heading into round 2 of the NSW gravity enduro series I was feeling confident and ready to race. Practice day was a whole lot of fun. I did snap a derailleur but managed to get a new one on in time to smash out the e-bike super stage ending up 2nd place in my category. Race day brought some amazing conditions, warmed up and ready to go i headed out for the first stage, unfortunately, i pushed a little to hard into a corner and had a little crash. This cost me a good 10 seconds, but I didn’t let this get to me and had some great runs on the next 3 stages. Ending the day with a 3rd place overall. Overall I’m stoked with my performance for the weekend and know where I can improve for the future. Very excited to see what we can do this season!”


Liam Allen – 5th place out of 26 in the under 19’s and 9th place outright

“Beyond stoked with how i rode. Didn’t think I was doing that well. I wasn’t watching the times and was just enjoying my day riding the best I could and surprised myself with my final result but I couldn’t be happier.”

John Saulo – 40th  place in the Master  ( Johns race runs can be seen on youtube Greenvalleys 2023: The Race I couldn't believe happened! - YouTube)

“Racing from last weekend’s enduro at Green Valleys. 4 Stages and I managed a fall on 3 of them. Outside of the falls, I felt my pace was generally ok but it was the liaisons that ruined me and I missed 3 of my 4 start times which ultimately meant I dropped into Stage 4 after the rain rolled in”


Mathew Edwards – 26th place in the masters out of 40 & 127th overall

"Having never ridden at Green Valleys before, I used this as a great excuse to get away from the computer at Trails View Cycle Trader’s head office and see what all this talk was about. My main focus was to gain some race fitness and make all the liaison start time, except a small trip over the bars on the last stage, I had a great day overall with meeting all my goals”

Our next event is the Rocky Trails Super Flow event at Cooma ( 29th of April)
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