Minimizing Bicycle Theft and Improving Recovery

Bicycles are becoming more and more advanced and that intern means the prices of our bikes are on the increase. With price comes risk and our bikes are becoming more and more a targeted for theft! Although previously common targeted locations have consisted of open-air carports, residential unit block communal garages/storage cages, residential yards, and locked or open residential garages.

Times have changed, it not uncommon to hear of bikes being stolen soon after returning from a trip away with the bike on the back of your Ute and thieves come back and pay you a visit in the middle of the night. Or even worse when you are selling your bike on social media!

Trails View Cycle Trader is here to assist with the latter. When you are ready to sell you bike we act as the middleman in advertising your bikes online, Minimizing the risk we utilize previous experiences to weed out the bad seeds and find you a genuine buyer.

Today I had the opportunity to catch up with the team at Bikevault. Bike vault are extremely focused on

  • Increasing Bike Identification and Provenance
  • Deter and distribute bike theft and black-market trade of stolen bikes
  • Assist bike theft victims and police to locate and reunite stolen bikes with their owners

To achieve their aim, they provide the following FREE services to the cycling public, industry and police throughout Australia:

  • Bike Registration: Recording key bike information, photographs and ownership history
  • Comprehensive Logbook: Recording and date stamping bike details and edits, ownership history and transfer of registration
  • Registration Sale Report: Providing a publicly searchable date stamped sale report, designed to highlight honest sellers with legitimate bikes and provide key information and resources to enable buyers to conduct thorough due diligence when buying a new or used bike from an unknown seller
  • Bike Transfer: Registration transfer, ensuring the provenance of the bike remains intact
  • Report Stolen Bikes: Comprehensive stolen bike report enabling them to be publicly searched and identified, while providing the correct balance of public and non-public information to aid in recovery by police
  • Tools and Resources: Helping to locate stolen bikes when they are advertised for sale
  • Police Portal: Allowing police to report and manage claims for recovered bikes, as well as report and be assigned stolen bikes to aid in identification and recovery
  • Expert Service to Police: Assisting to identify and investigate stolen bikes and locate and qualify owners of recovered bikes

I am please to announce Trails View Cycle Trader will be utilizing and working together Bikevault, to give you the piece of mind that any bike advertised or sourced will be checked against their stolen records.

Once you have Purchased your new bike, I would strongly recommend utilizing the rest of their products. Remember they provide the following FREE services!

You can find them @

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