Has the Second-Hand MTB sales peak come and gone?

Has the Second-Hand MTB sales peak come and gone?

During the times of covid lockdown, we saw amazing growth in retail bicycle sales.

Unfortunately, bicycle shops could not get stock fast enough due to the number of sales. This led to shops ordering stock that unfortunately could not keep up with the demand. These long wait times caused an increase in used bike sales.

Used bike prices rocketed, and bikes that were a year or two old reached just under the asking price of new bikes.

Values of used bikes increased dramatically and demand for them often saw the bikes being sold within hours of being advertised.  The demand even saw advertisements on Facebook marketplace being offered more than the advertising price by desperate buyers to get their hands on a bike.

Just like the bike shops, demand for used bikes had reached the ultimate supply v demand rate and the turnover of used bikes had been at an all-time high. What was once taking weeks to sell now took less than an hour.

The bubble had to burst at some time and the end of lockdown restrictions saw the demand significantly reduce. Unfortunately, the decrease in demand plus an increase of bikes being advertised (mostly wrongly purchased bikes during covid times) has seen a decrease in asking prices to near pre covid times.

The importance of offering a one stop service when selling a bicycle has never been more important.

Trails View Cycle Trader has the slogan “Changing the way we buy and sell bicycles”

And that slogan has seen Trails View Cycle Trader offering numerous services to assist people wanting to buy or sell bikes without the hassle

These services include

  • Online sales hosting including photo guide
  • Market place Valuation
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Bike boxing services
  • Australia wide delivery options

Trails View Cycle Trader is here to assist people buying and selling bikes in Australia


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